Liebe Cream Bra

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Liebe (pronounce Li-be) means LOVE in German.

Liebe bra is part of Language of Love collection for Valentines day.  Which language of love do you speak?

&Her Bras are built to be comfortable and soft to support bra wearers of all shapes and ages.  We offer traditional sizing, but we are proud to CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR SIZE.  Say goodbye to the archaic bra sizing system and start wearing bras that are personalized from your own measurements.

Cream Bra is made with "the World's Finest Cotton" Supima, the best cotton grown in America.  Supima cotton is extra long staple (longest strand of fiber for durability and smooth hand feel), soft, and sustainably grown.  We also sourced the most eco spandex, so you can feel good in &Her Bra physically and environmentally .  


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Always sustainably made in the US.