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Minty Lime Crop

Minty Lime Crop

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Minty Lime is endearing and invigorating.

Try it in our crop bralette.  Crop bras are extended down to give more support, secure hold, and style.  

Model is wearing a customized bra close to size 3+. We built this bra for the model's voluptuous bust on a small body frame.

Why Supima?

  • Supima cotton is the finest cotton in the world.

  • Supima cotton is grown only in the California, Texas, and Arizona.

  • Supima cotton fiber is soft and has a natural luster.

  • Only 1% of the world's cotton production is Supima.  

Why 3D knitting?

  • 3D enables us to engineer built in structures to support, compression, ventilation, and fit unique for each curve.

  • 3D enables us to create better coverage by elongate or shorten based on a body height, shoulder width, and torso proportion.

  • 3D enables us to produce when you order, reducing waste in inventory.

86% Supima Cotton

13% Roica

1% Tencel


Always sustainably made in the US.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing customer service!

The first bra I got (based on my own assessments of what I needed) was not the right fit. They sent me a second one to try and when that wasn't working either they had me send images of the issues and BUILT ME A CUSTOM BRA that is the most wonderfully comfortable bra I've ever had. A+, 5 stars, 12/10 will probably order again. A wonderful company and definitely worth a try!

Never imagined I could afford a custom bra

Bespoke clothes are for rich people, right? No longer, at least when it comes to bras. AndHer tweaked my bra three times (at no extra cost), until it fit perfectly. This company doesn't do a great job at tooting their own horn. Instead they are focused on a superior product and an exceptional customer experience. Ok by me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Start the Custom Fit Process?

Click on Fit Guide to Start the Process.

How Do You Make My Bras?

Each bra is made when you place an order.

We created digital methods to connect your order to a production machine.

The machine creates your bra from cones of yarns. This is a low waste method manufacturing and allows us to make unique bras one at a time.

How Does the Machine Determines Body Shape?


Image examples of machine detecting body parts and measurements
Machine Vision and Machine Learning is only as smart, as accurate, and as equitable as the data that we feed it.  Research shows that many of current machine learning algorithms are heavily biased because machines are trained on biased data sets.* 
Help us become equitable, so we can fit every shape, every age, and every skin tone. Your photo contributions will help us build the bra for others who are similar to you.
We value your privacy and will never sell or share your data with anyone else.  The data we collect is anonymized and for training purposes only.
We currently have 250 data points, and help us reach our next goal of 1,000!
We are looking for bra testers. Sign up to be considered!








What If I Don't Like the Fit?

If it's not a perfect fit, we’ll alter or remake your order for free – guaranteed.

I Still Have More Questions

We Welcome Questions, Comments, Critiques. Reach out to