Building a Bra that is Uniquely Yours.


Say goodbye to the archaic and confusing bra size system.  &Her builds bras for you from your own measurements, calculated by Machine Vision from your photos.  Using just two fibers, we create comfortable, sustainable, and customizable bras.  Our production method is low waste, and the fibers we use are 100% degradable. 


We celebrate individuality because we customize. 

We champion inclusivity because we fit everyone. 

We are innovative because we are powered by AI.




Your Measurements + AI = A bra that is Uniquely Yours

100% Degradable Material
100% Body Mapping Design Approach

0% Over Production
95% Waste Reduction from Traditional Bra Manufacturing methods.

&Her is the best alternative to mass fashion. 

We create customization at scale.


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The more of you participate, the better this bra will be.

We are looking for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and shades to test our prototypes. Take our survey and we’ll be in touch.

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