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We measure impact by how many customers we positively touch. We are building the product, testing, refining, and will continue to strive until we make it perfect.  Stay tuned on our progress.

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Using Technology to Build a Better Bra

&Her is on the mission to create an alternative to mass fashion production through the power of AI. By leveraging algorithms, analytics and on-demand production method, &Her is unlocking waste reduction and over production across the apparel supply chain - making fashion products more transparent, more personal, and more sustainable for customers.


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Customization at Scale

&Her is determined to become an alternative to the global mass production supply chain. Technology is a mean to an end to achieve a positive impact -- it is never an end in itself. We can reduce waste and excess production, and offer an unique shopping and apparel creation journey for each wearer. 


We embrace collaboration – among colleagues, partners and customers. Our endeavor is an ambitious one. We therefore pull everyone’s strengths together to unleash the full potential technology and design can offer to build an alternative to today's bra products.  It is in having each other’s back that we will flourish and thrive.

Build Community

We want to build the best product for each bra customers and be an ally to promote breast health awareness, body positivity, and under represented communities.


We view our mistakes as opportunities for improvement. We continuously learn on an individual, group, and company level, never taking the status quo as given. We test, we validate, and we improve. Constantly.



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