How to Care for your &HER

Hope you are enjoying your &HER bra. &HER bra is made of cotton and  stretch fibers.  It fits like a skinny jean, tight at first, then it forms to your body.  Once you wash it, it will become tight again like new.

Know you bra, so it can serve you longer!

For &HER Cashmere bras

Hand wash gently with liquid hand soap. No bleach. No iron.  Please lay flat to dry.  Easy ~



For &HER Supima cotton bras and hemp bras


30 degree wash icon


This garment is majority made of cotton, so it will shink slightly after wash.  Please wash with LIKE COLORS, TURN IT INSIDEOUT, and in COLD WATER for 24 MINUTES or a short cycle.



No bleach icon


Mild detergent is recommended for this garment.  Best way to maintain cream color from turning yellow is to use BAKING SODA.  Bleach is harmful to your skin, to the environment, and the fiber of your garment.  




Tumble dry in LOW to MEDIUM HEAT for 32 MINUTES.  If you decide to forgo the machine dry process, please lay your bra flat to dry, hanging might stretch out the cotton fiber in the drying process.



No iron icon


There is no need to iron because this garment is not designed to be crisp on your breasts.   Also, stretch property of spandex yarn changes under direct high heat, so ironing actually shortens the lifespan of this bra.


Light discoloration of the print and the bra color happens in normal wash and wear process.  We offer repair and recycle services.  Email to inquire.
Enjoy and feel free to reach out to us any time for inquiries, comments, and suggestions!